Pekka Kuusi Ecofoundation – Ekosäätiö sr.

The Foundation was established by a number of prominent foundations, and citizens of Finland, many of them scientists, in 1991 in honor of the memory of Dr. Pekka Kuusi (b. 1917), a visionary social scientist, member of parliament, public servant and briefly member of the national government.

The Foundation promotes scientific research and other activities for ecologically and socially sustainable development. Its members as ”Sustainability Elders” are carrying ideas from generation to generation.  Sustainability, ”This World of Man”, is the lasting heritage of Kuusi whose profound books still inspire intellectuals and activists.

The Foundation has published a number of books on various topics, and in the recent years, has concentrated on organizing annual lecture series at Oodi, Central Library of Helsinki, and at the Helsinki University in collaboration with an NGO  “Critical  University”, think-tank Demos and SYKLI (Environment College of Finland). Themes have varied such as “Our Daily Bread”, “Water of Life”, “Housing, Urbanization and Conviviality”, “Climate Change Bangs”, “Population Growth”, “Memory”, “Towards Moderation”, “Solutions from Civility”.

Pekka Kuusi Environment Award has been bestowed on a small number of vanguard activists in different walks of life.  The Foundation is governed by an Executive Board, Governing Council, and Senate.

Contact Sustainability Elders:

  • Chair Sauli Rouhinen – sauli.rouhinen(at)
  • Vice-chair Jukka Noponen – jukka.noponen(at)